Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Pompeii was really so obscene? : A little (very little) of History.

Table of Contents – Traveling to a Different Pompeii


Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii, we will answer that question.  Pompeii is located in the south of Italy. barely two hours away by train from Rome. The story is quite familiar. The city is located on the slopes of Vesuvius, a volcano that on August 24, 79 AD, broke and buried the city in a sea of ​​ash. More than 20,000 people died in that event.
It remained in oblivion until the eighteenth century, when under the domination the location of this city was rediscovered (the name was not even known) and excavations began.

Frescoe - Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different PompeiiT

The Excavations Show

Thermal baths, luxury residences, freediving houses, gymnasiums, artisan workshops and brothels were gradually appearing. In those places there were architectural remains such as mosaics, frescoes and sculptures. Some of them almost intact.
These findings speak of a sophisticated, well-off and evolved life. We must bear in mind that part of the aristocracy of the Roman era, had its villas in Pompeii and made tourism in that city and on the nearby island of Capri.

Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Also appeared part of the erotic life of pompeii. frescoes, murals, sculptures, lamps, amulets and even artifacts that we do not yet know their use and meaning.

House of the Epigrama - Satyr that hugs a Nymph. -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Wide Freedom of Customs

Touring the streets and houses of Pompeii, the paintings and bas-reliefs with erotic motifs ranging from “Satyr and Maenad” (House of the Faun) or “Pan and the Hermaphrodite” (House of the Dioscuri), Some are sexually explicit as the ” Priapus with his phallus “(House of the Vetii).

Phallus Lantern - Archaeological Museum of Naples -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Phallus Lantern – Archaeological Museum of Naples

The paintings are not limited to private places, such as the lupanar (brothel) or public baths, but can also be seen inside private homes, gardens and public use spaces shared by all. You have in the streets with phalluses signaling the sense of traffic.

Centennial House - Fresco of the two lovers-Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Centennial House – Fresco of the Two Lovers

Phalluses on The Streets

One of the possible explanations was these images had ritual or religious value, and linked the phallic figures with the force generating or creating nature. They were also used to give good luck to a commercial establishment. 

Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity-Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity – Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Erotic artifacts were found from the seventeenth century, and accumulated outside the view of the public in the Borbonic Museum (now Archaeological Museum of Naples), where I created a special room to store them.

Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity -Pompeii was really so obscene?

Gabinetto Segreto – Obscene Objects Cabinet

In 1817 a first selection of artifacts was made to exhibit in the museum. In 1819, King Francis I of the Two Sicilies visited the Pompeii exhibition and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples with his wife and daughter. There he was scandalized with erotic art in such a way that he ordered it to be removed from the public view and confined to a secret room. Then the objects classified as obscene and indecent, were confined to the special room without any kind of order and the door was sealed at that time. Only in 1860 the room was opened and the artifacts were inventoried.

Tintinnabulum - Lucky Bells - Archaeological Museum of NaplesTraveling to a Different Pompeii
Tintinnabulum – lucky bells – Archaeological Museum of Naples


The secret room (Gabinetto Segreto in Italian) was opened with a special order obtained only by mature gentlemen of good manners. Also after having paid a large amount of money. In the same ruins of Pompeii, screens were placed on frescoes and obscene paintings and only with special invitation and payment were they shown to select tourists.

Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii (2)-Pompeii was really so obscene?-
Lupanar – Brothel – Pompeii

Over the years the room remained closed until Giuseppe Garibaldi ordered it to be opened again. That happened in 1860 during the Italian unification and when Garibaldi conquered Naples in that year

Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii (3) -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Lupanar – Brothel – Pompeii


In 1866 a catalog of artifacts was published, but from that moment the official censorship of the Kingdom of Italy was restricting access until it was closed, in accordance with the customs and political winds of the moment.

Centennial House - Ménade and Satyr-Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Centennial House – Ménade and Satyr

At the time of the Mussolini Dictator visits were forbidden for not agreeing the vision of the new Italy (pure) with obscene artifacts of the ancient Romans. In the Fascist era, it could be visited with express authorization from the Ministry of Education.

House of the Fauno -satyr and nymph-Pompeii was really so obscene?
House of the Fauno -Satyr and Nymph


The censorship

The censorship was maintained after the end of the war until 1967, where the work of cataloging and restoring the artefacts of the obscene room was resumed.

House of the caccia antiqua. Tablinum. Fresco by Polyphemus and Galatea - Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
House of the caccia Antiqua. Tablinum. Fresco by Polyphemus and Galatea – Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

The room was definitely reopened to the public since April 2000. While there is no censorship of any kind, there is a legend that warns about the special content of the room. In addition, children under 14 can only enter if accompanied by their parents or teachers

House of Cecilio Giocondo Pompeii-Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
House of Cecilio Giocondo – Pompeii

Tips to visit pompeii

  • Arrive early in the morning. Complete travel takes the whole day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Yes possible trekking shoes.
  • Most of the streets are made of stone blocks. Be guided when walking.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Head protection Hats, caps.
  • Take a guide, Arming a tour before going to avoid losing time.If you do not go on a guided tour, check the schedule of the last train to Naples or Sorrento.

How to get to Pompeii

From Rome.

Train to the central station of Naples. Then in the same central station, in the subsoil is the local Trans-Vesuvian train. Ask about the Pompeii- Scavi station. The departure of trains in this station is somewhat chaotic with schedules and cancellations, ask until you make sure. This station has several branches and only one reaches the ruins of Pompeii, You can also take a bus, although we do not recommend it.

From Sorrento

Transvesuvian train in the direction of the central station of Naples. Ask about the Pompeii- Scavi station.


More info: Archaeological Museum of Naples


Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States

Las Vegas (Nevada) 

Table of Contents

Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States. That’s possible?. Sure, of course. You just have to go to Las Vegas, in the Mojave desert in Nevada. Las Vegas is a tourist city famous for its exciting activity 24 hours a day. Never Close. Never sleeps. Open casinos and shows at all times. 

Book your Room in Las vegas Strip

It is a city devoted to entertainment and tourism. Currently, 650,000 people live in Las Vegas (2016) and receive almost 40 million visitors a year.

In 1931, with the legalization of the game, Las Vegas begins its rise as a city. In 1941, the very luxurious hotels of the world began to be built, which also incorporated gaming casinos. The first of these was the Flamingo, built under the supervision of gangster Bugsy Siegel.
In the decade of the 60s, the city has another impulse due to the overthrow of Batista in Cuba by the revolutionary Castro. . The American businessmen abandoned their business in Havana and moved to Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra and other artists settled in Las Vegas and offered shows on a continuous basis.

Particularities :Las Vegas has the highest suicide rate in the United States, although most are committed by visitors. It also has the largest divorce rate in the entire country. Unlike other cities in the United States, gambling and betting are legal in Las Vegas, bars can open and serve alcohol 24 hours a day

  • It is a city with many facilities to create businesses, marriage or divorce. And there are many weddings on the day, more than 300. And in a few minutes.
  • The casinos of Las vegas are so prepared that a hospital to take care of infarction in their gaming halls
  • The average daily hours of play of a visitor is four hours a day
  • Las Vegas is the brightest point on Earth seen from space
  • More than 145,000 rooms are available to stay.


All entertainment activity can be found on the main avenue, called the strip. It is a boulevard where many luxury hotels are. Among them there are three that are thematic referring to cities and European history. Are these:

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Caesars Palace. Theme:The Roman Empire

The theme of the hotel is the Roman Empire. It is very well located in the center of the Strip, and exudes luxury and opulence even in the smallest details. It has more than 4000 rooms distributed in six towers. It also has 6 swimming pools, jacuzzis and a theater with capacity for 3,000 people.
It has a replica of the Fontana di Trevi, the true fountain is in the city of Rome

Replica of the Rome Coliseum -Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Replica of the Rome Coliseum

Caesars Palace.-Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States


Replica of the Fontana di Trevi-Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Replica of the Fontana di Trevi

The Venetian. Theme: Venice City

Staying at the Hotel Venetian is a unique experience. If you have already been to Venice you will be surprised to find places like the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile and the San Marcos Square. Gondola rides are offered on the canal while the gondolier sings a serenade, as if he were in Venice

In the areas of the Grand Canal and San Marcos are most of the shops and restaurants of the hotel. This part of the hotel has an artificial roof that simulates being on a sunny day at noon for 24 hours a day

The Venetian Hotel -Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States

The Venetian Hotel Great Channel -Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Great Channel -The Venetian


Casino Of The Venetian-Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Casino of The Venetian
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Hotel Paris. Theme: City of Paris

The Paris Hotel is one of the best-themed hotels in Las Vegas. On the outside you can see the most iconic monuments of Paris. The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. there is a replica of the Plaza de la Concorde and the facade is inspired by the Louvre Museum and the Opera Garnier.

Hotel Paris Eiffel Tower -Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Eiffel Tower – Hotel Paris

To walk through the interior of the hotel is to stroll with the same romantic atmosphere as in the streets of Paris. Bakeries, restaurants, patisseries and shops. The hotel has 2,916 rooms, a swimming pool (located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower) and two Jacuzzis. During the winter the pool is heated. Also of course it has a Casino

Hotel paris -triumphal arch Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Triumphal Arch- Hotel Paris

There is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, which measures 540 feet (165 m) in height and, in addition to being the icon of the hotel also offers two attractions.

  • Lookout: As in the original Paris.
  • Panoramic Restaurant: Located on the 11th floor of the tower is one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. From there you can also enjoy the Bellagio fountains.
Hotel paris -Paris Streets Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Paris Streets- Hotel Paris
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Other Hotels to Enjoy


Hotel Bellagio - Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States

The Bellagio is a luxury hotel and casino Inspired by resorts in the town of Bellaggio, Lake Como in Italy. Bellagio is an elegant hotel and has an artificial lake of about 8 acres (3.2 km²), in which it contains a few springs of dancing waters, synchronized with music.
Bellagio is the place where the “O” production of Cirque du Soleil is presented permanently.

Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States


Hotel Wynn - Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States

He is one of the most luxurious hotel complexes in the city. Its construction was completed in 2005 and cost 2,700 million dollars. It offers 2,716 rooms that have an average of 640 square feet (59 m²) spread over the 50 floors that make up the building. It also has special rooms called the villas that are another type of rooms with 7,000 square feet (650 m²) It has for entertainment

Hotel Wynn - Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States


  • A 111,000-square-foot (10,200 m²) casino
  • Four Nightclubs: Tryst, XS, Surrender and Encore Beach Club
  • 14 restaurants
  • Wynn Esplanade Shoppes: more than 20 stores and boutiques. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Cartier. Jo Malone among others
  • Chapel for Weddings!!
Chapel for Weddings in Wynn Hotel -Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States
Chapel for Weddings in Wynn Hotel

Holidays, Rest, Wedding or Business. Any reason to enjoy the attractions and luxurious hotels of Las Vegas: Traveling Europe Without Leaving the United States

Other Attractions: Weddings

One of the attractions of Las Vegas are the Weddings. Every year more than 120,000 weddings are celebrated in Las Vegas, being the second place in the world with more marriages.

Theme Weddings

Traditional weddings are performed, as well as themed or eccentric weddings. I could marry you Elvis Presley, marry in a helicopter or sail through Lake Mead. Or perhaps a mafia wedding, where the minister is the godfather

Where to marry?

In addition to the hundreds of chapels around the city, all the large hotels have several chapels to celebrate weddings. Most of the chapels offer traditional weddings (religious or civil) and themes.

How much does it cost to get married in Las Vegas?

Although in Las Vegas it is possible to get married for less than $ 150, it is normal to pay around $ 300 for a traditional wedding, which includes the use of the chapel, the witness, the flowers, the photographer and the hotel pick-up in a limousine. . If you want a thematic wedding where you get married and sing Elvis  or go by helicopter to get married in Valley of Fire, the cost is higher

Legal procedures

It is necessary that both parties are over 18 years old. Minors require the presence of a parent or legal representative. The price of the marriage license is $ 55. The license office (Clark County Marriage Bureau) is located at 201 Clark Ave and opens from 8 in the morning to 12 at night.

Weddings Tips

  • Language:There are also ceremonies in languages ​​other than English
  • Duration: The average duration of weddings in Las Vegas is half an hour. Those who wish may hire more time in the chapel.
  • Wedding dress: The most common is to rent it in Las Vegas.
  • Witnesses: If nobody accompanies you on the trip, the chapels themselves have their witnesses




Few Places That Hate Tourists – Tourismphobia

Table of Contents – Places That Hate Tourists

Tourists Go Home !!

This is a job where information is collected about the problem of tourism impact in some places. In some cities rational precautions are taken: But in others (very few) an alarming syndrome develops. The turismo-phobia.  The turism-phobia. Here is the information that could gather, more personal experiences having personally visited four of those places.

Barcelona Hate Tourist

Barcelona – Spain

Ada Colau shortly after taking office as mayor in 2015: “We do not want the city to become a cheap souvenir shop”. He put Venice as an example. The freezing of licenses for all the new hotels and apartments for holiday rentals, the fines for AirBnb, the projects for new tourist taxes and the studies to limit the number of visitors are the reasons that this blog uses to include in this list. 

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Ischia & Capri: Islands to Fall in Love

Table of Contents – Capri & Ischia

Capri : Exclusive Tourism from the Roman Empire

Capri is an island located at the southern end of the Bay of Naples in Italy. It was already known in the Roman Empire for its beautiful landscapes. The Romans made this island a tourist destination and a place of summer residence. Today it is one of the main tourist places in the Naples area next to the island of Ischia and the city of Naples itself.

anacapri and . Capri Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Landscape Capri: Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Blue Grotto ( Grotta Azzurra)

One of its best known natural sites is the Blue Grotto. It is a dark cavern where the sea shines through the entrance with an electric blue color. There are a variety of exclusive hotels and rest villas.

Blue Grotto . Capri: Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Capri Tips

  • Rent a boat for a half-day with a private driver. He or she will take you to swim amongst all of the most amazing caves
  • Rent an excursion to go around the island. But the additional of entering the blue grotto that is unmissable (you have to pay extra)

Ship trip. Capri Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

  • Walking through the streets of capri is a unique experience. Spectacular landscapes at the end of each street
  • Visit Villa Krupp. Residence at the beginning of the 20th century of the owner of the famous armament factory. Hot is a park with unique views

  • Visit  Materita Tower. Old medieval tower of Anacapri, was later converted into a residence. It was built in 1378, by the monks of the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, to defend against Saracen attacks.

  •  Villa Damecuta: Located in Anacapri, Damecuta is one of the severals imperial Roman villas, and little survives of it. Its plant has a gallery porticada towards the Gulf of Naples, topped by a semicircular viewpoint. During the Middle Ages a watchtower was built on its ruins, and in the 19th century, the wall was built.

Bay of Naples Capri Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Ischia: The Island of Amazing Landscapes

Bay of ischia : Ischia Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Bay of Naples : Ischia Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

The island of ischia was occupied and inhabited since before the Roman Empire. The Romans did not take care of this island, considering it unstable because of its continued earthquakes.

view from Aragonese Castle : Ischia Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

The Island suffered continuous invasions for more than 1500 years of all the neighboring towns until the crown of Aragon conquered and built a castle. Today it is a place of exclusive villas and hotels. It has many sandy beaches with amenities for tourists.

Aragonese Castle : Ischia Island to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

The Aragonese Castle

We recommend a visit to the Aragonese Castle. not only for the building and the history but for the magnificent panoramic views that can be enjoyed from there. Ischia & Capri: Islands to fall in love

Ischia & Capri: Islands to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

Ischia & Capri: Islands to fall in love

Ischia & Capri: Islands to fall in love

Ischia & Capri: Islands to Fall in Love. Unforgettable Charm and Pleasure

How to Get

From Naples. get to the port of Naples. There are some boxes where different companies sell the round trip tickets (or one way) to Ischia, Capri, Salerno, Positano, and Sorrento. Consult the schedules of the last boat, since they vary according to the season of the year.

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Lovely Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Table of Contents – Travel Size Perfumes

Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Versace. Eau De Toilette

Inspired by a mix of floral fragrances inked by Donatella Versace, Bright Crystal is a fresh and sensual mix of refreshing pomegranate mixed with magnolia flowers and lotus flowers. It also has warm notes of musk and amber. Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes

Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Versace. Eau De Toilette - Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist 2.5oz Travel Size Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret Bombshells In Bloom Fragrance Mist is composed of an exclusive mix of pink freesia, red apple and water lily flowers. The design is based on floral amalgams: Fruity notes contribute to sensuality.  Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Burberry My Black Eau de Parfum Spray, 3 Ounce

My Burberry Black fuses the scent of jasmine flower and peach nectar with a sensual touch of rose. You have notes of patchouli and roses. The sensation is to enjoy the aroma when opening a window in front of a flower garden opening after a rain. Romance. Sensual.  Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes

Burberry My Black Eau de Parfum Spray, 3 Ounce -Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Prada Sport Luna Rossa Eau De Toilette 3oz Travel Size Perfumes

Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women: Prada designed this fragrance looking to express the living spirit of a boat competition. Strong notes of ginger and juniper that can not hide a fresh lavender from French provence fields. Elegant aroma, fresh and with a lot of personality. It is very original and intense. Soft notes of vanilla.  Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes

Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Cartier La Panthere Legere Women’s Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.5 Ounce

Sweet fragrance combines notes rich in strawberry and rhubarb. Also floral notes of gardenia. Touches and natural notes of musk and oak moss.  Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes


Cartier La Panthere Legere Women's Eau de Parfum Spray, 2.5 Ounce-Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

Jo Malone “Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 0.5oz” Travel Size Perfumes

Original fragrance with fresh notes of Lime Basil & Mandarin.  Buy in Amazom.com

Jo Malone "Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 0.5oz" Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women

BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum Spray, 0.3 Fluid Ounce

The jasmine flower symbol of beauty and sensuality is present in this refined, young and daring eau de parfum. Designed with a mix of jasmine, sambac and angelwing flowers. Top notes of citrus golden cedar and floral lily of the valley. These notes are present Notes: Golden Cedrat, lily of the valley, jasmine, sambac, Angelwing Jasmine, musky nougat, cedar, patchouli. Style Bright & Elegant. Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women.  Buy in Amazom.com Travel Size Perfumes

BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum - Travel Size Perfumes and Fragrances for Traveling Women


The Most Useful and Practical Travel Accessories in 2018


Six Very Useful Travel Accessories for Women

Useful and Practical Travel Accessories for Women

Table of Contents

There are many gadgets that make travel more enjoyable for girls Here I show you six travel gadgets for women, something that can not be missing in your suitcase when traveling. Enjoy them, the post and your trip

Adidas Women’s Edge Lux w Running Shoe

very Useful Travel Accessories for Women adidas Women's Edge Lux w Running Shoe,

  • Several and different colors
  • Textile. Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top” from arch
  • Weight: 8 oz. (size 7); Runner type: neutral
  • BOUNCE™ provides energized comfort for all sports, all day
  • Synthetic shape-shift upper for color changing, knitted look; Sock-like construction for snug fit
  • Mesh sidewall overlays offer extra support; Offers wide and skinny laces for customizable look; Women’s-specific fit
  • Rubber outsole provides secure traction
  • very comfortable shoe to wear on a trip

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The Artistic Walls of Carcassonne – France

Carcassonne Celebrates UNESCO Anniversary With art

Carcassonne is a medieval city in the south of France and has two sites classified by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage: the medieval city, double unice fortress in Europe, and the Canal du Midi.

The Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin ; "eccentric concentric circles" Artistic Walls of Carcassonne
The Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin ; “eccentric concentric circles”
Main entrance to the medieval walled city. Drawbridge”

Carcassonne is an example (one of the few remaining) of a fortified medieval city with an great defensive system that surrounds the castle and its dependencies. It also has a Gothic cathedral, a Christian Cathedral Catara and many urban buildings and streets of medieval origin. They are preserved because the area was not affected by the three wars they had with the Germans. 1870, 1914 (WWI) and 1939 (WWII).

View of the two concentric walls from a defense tower”

This year of 2018 was celebrated the 20th anniversary of the inscription of the city as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin was contracted to pine a work called “eccentric concentric circles”. They can be enjoyed until September 2018



Another view of the Swiss artist Ticino Felice Varin ; “eccentric concentric circles”

Defense towers on the second wall
Defense towers on the second wall

Defensive Walls of Carcassonne

The walled city of Carcassonne is composed of two concentric walls that completely surround the city. Before the first wall there is also a very deep defensive pit. Within the City there is another walled castle with a pit as the last line of defense. This castle is called castle condal

Entrance to the city. Night View
Entrance to the city. Night View
View of the defense street between the first and second walls
View of the defense street between the first and second walls
Internal view of the defense street between the first and second walls
Internal view of the defense street between the first and second walls
Panoramic view Artistic Walls of Carcassonne
Panoramic view. Artistic Walls of Carcassonne

How much does it cost to visit these walls?

The first and second walls are free. To visit El Castillo Condal you have to pay. although it is worth visiting.

Entrance to the city. Night View


nside the county castle. Third and last line of defense
Inside the county castle. Third and last line of defense
Double defensive wall
Double defensive wall
Entrance to the city. Night View
Main courtyard of the Condal Castle
Main courtyard of the Condal Castle
Defensive pit Towers and battlements for archers in the county castle.
Defensive pit Towers and battlements for archers in the county castle.
Night View of Carcassonne Walls
Night View of Carcassonne Walls
One of the guard and defense towers of the first perimeter
One of the guard and defense towers of the first perimeter
Several guard and defense towers of the first perimeter
Several guard and defense towers of the first perimeter

How to get to Carcassone: Any airline to London, Paris, Madrid or any European capital
From London, Paris or Madrid: Airplane to the city of Toulouse
From Toulouse: Train or by car on motorway A61 (one hour)
From Barcelona . Train AVE station Sants (two and a half hours)


☼ Travel Guide Strasbourg France


The History of Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Historic Evolution of Tourism

Table of Contents

Tourism is a series of trips made for pleasure or for commercial, professional or similar reasons, during which the absence of habitual residence is only temporary.
Modern tourism was born in the XIX century, as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, with displacements between distant places, with the main intention of developing leisure, rest, culture, health, business or family relations.
These movements are differentiated by their purpose of other types of travel originated by wars, migratory movements or conquest, but tourism has many historical antecedents.

Ancient Age Tourism: Greece

In 776 BC, the first Olympic Games were held, which consisted of athletic competitions in honor of the gods of Olympus. Artistic and athletic offerings were offered as a gift.Many times sacrifices and prayers were also performed in honor of some god in particular.

 Acropolis - Atenas -- Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Acropolis – Atenas – Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome

Although lesser known, the Pitios, Ismios and Nemeos festivals were also celebrated. These celebrations mobilized a large number of people, who of course, needed transportation and roads to travel. The roads system was very similar to that of the Persians and they usually traveled on foot or by donkey.os Ismios y los Nemeos.

Greece had a network of inns that only offered a bed for the night. They did not have dining rooms or bathrooms

It is also known that in each city public baths were built, open to everyone, where tourists of that time had to bring their own towels. They took off their clothes and kept them in special lockers, and then a slave took care of the hygiene with jars of hot and cold water.

Acropolis & Pyramids

Pilgrimages to the different temples of Greece and to the oracles were very common, the most important one was that of Apollo in Delphi and among the most visited sanctuaries is the one of Esculapio, god of medicine.

The Greek lands also offered medicinal baths, seaside resorts, theater festivals and the opportunity to see monuments such as the Acropolis of Athens, which from the fifth century BC became one of the most visited sites in the world ancient along with the pyramids of Egypt. These were two of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The Greeks visited other regions, such as Egypt. In most cases these visits were for military or trade matters, although it is known that the pyramids attracted many tourists.

Roman Theater - Orange - France Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Roman Theater – Orange – France


In ancient Greece there were offices called proxenos. Here foreigners were received (it is remembered that foreigners did not have any kind of rights because of their status as non-citizens) who had problems finding transportation to return to their city or country. They could also need lodging, or even a loan to continue their trip. Many times the managers of these almost consular offices, arranged with merchants passages in boat where the tourists could take their own servants, offering them food and drink.

Slaves & Tourism

In classical Greece free men gave great importance to leisure, and devoted it to culture, entertainment, religion and sport. We must remember that all these activities could only be done by free men of the upper class or the Nobles. Many slaves were also available at that time. Approximately seven slaves for each free man. It is for this reason that tourism was an exclusive activity of wealthy class that moved with servants, slaves and a considerable guard for protection. The tourist activity that was not religious or to attend the Olympic games was scarce.

Amphitheaters & Odeon of Lyon (France) -- Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Amphitheaters & Odeon of Lyon (France)

Tourism in the Roman Empire

During Roman Empire the Romans frequented thermal waters and great spectacles, like the theaters, and the coliseums. They made trips to the Mediterranean coast in the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Campania area (near Naples). Also the island of Capri, where there were summer residences. The Emperor Tiberius had a villa on the island of Capri (today you can visit its ruins)
These pleasure trips were possible due to Pax Romana, the development of communication routes. They also influenced economic prosperity due to the trade that allowed the creation of an upper class. And of course free time.

A Bit of Roman History

During the empire (27 BC to 476 AD) begins a period of absolutism in Rome, where the emperor was chosen by the army. With Octavio Augusto (first emperor) the Pax Romana was achieved, which lasted approximately 200 years. In this epoch is where the Roman tourism had its maxima.
The empire was divided into provinces that in turn were divided into Municipium and Coloniae, depending on their legal hierarchy Each territorial division had services for public enjoyment and entertainment, which were sometimes visited by inhabitants of other territories.

All Roads Lead to Rome

These attractions were temples, circus maxima, pantheons, basilicas, markets, amphitheatres and theaters. All the provinces and colonies communicated through a network of roads, roads and roads, which began to be built around 150 BC, covering some 100,000 miles. This allowed to reach the entire empire from Scotland and Germany to Egypt, Persia and Crimea
Roman Roads -- Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
There were stone signs indicating the distance to the next city, the name of the road, its construction date and its constructor Every 10 miles approx. There were some posts where travelers could change their exhausted horses and even eat. It was through these trade routes that tourism was developed as a secondary activity. Maritime routes were also used, being the main ports those of Alexandria, Ostia and Cartago Nova.
Triumph Arch in Via Domitia - Saint Remy de Provence - (France)- Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Triumph Arch in Via Domitia – Saint Remy de Provence – (France)

Tourism: Only the Upper Class

The Roman citizens were very fond of tourism, in most cases for pleasure. We must consider that it is the same case as the Greeks. Only free noble and upper class men could afford a tourist transfer. This transfer included servants, slaves, clients and armed escort. This was both by land and by sea. 
The only documented case of the displacement of a high class and noble character was that of Caton. Senator and Roman governor of Hispania (Present Spain). Caton was mobilized on foot or on horseback with only one servant. The day he left to be governor he sold the horse so as not to cause more expenses to the treasury. Needless to say, his example was not imitated by anyone.
Roman Theater - Orange -- (France) Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Roman Theater – Orange – France — Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Returning to the main theme, tourism among the Romans included a displacement overnight at least one night and less than a year to a place of destination. All this done, of course, in free time. They had a lot of free time, getting to have 200 holidays a year (in 345 AD)

Non-Religious Tourism

The Romans traveled to see the temples of the Mediterranean, the pyramids and monuments of Egypt also to attend the Olympic Games in Greece and the prosperous markets of Asia Minor. In these markets there were many exotic items never seen in Rome, with which to decorate the villas of Campania.

They also hired local guides and consulted papyri that explained a certain area and their entertainment possibilities. They were the tour guides of that time. Of course they bought something smaller as souvenirs and had a tendency to engrave the traveler’s name on the stones of the monuments they visited. This was at the request of the inhabitants, since the prestige of a noble visitor attracted more tourists.

Temple of Juno - Nimes - (France) Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Temple of Juno – Nimes – (France)

The trips were made for pleasure, business or health or religious issues. Religious tourism and pilgrimages to both Greek and Roman temples became part of almost every tourist itinerary. But it was not about devotion but about entertainment. These temples were visited by tourists who in some cases were no longer sacred places, but monuments to visit. (almost equal to what happens today in the Catholic churches of Europe)

Weekend Roman Villas: Capri & Pompeii

The Romans also liked to spend a leisure time away from the city and used to move to the coast of Campania (now Naples). From the time of the empire of Octavius ​​Augustus, the Senate was no longer an institution of power (the emperor reigned and were not consulted). The senators retired to live in the countryside, near Rome but away from it. The area chosen was Campania, Cities such as Pompeii, Herculaneum, Tivoli, Beneventum and Islands such as Capri, where luxury villas were built. Infrastructure was also built as additional roads, ports, passenger ships, inns and markets.

The houses in the city of Rome became the second residence and the country villa the habitual residence. You find the infrastructure was also built in those compestres places. Amphitheatres (Pompeii), circus maxima, thermal baths and medicinal baths. all this thanks to the pax romana that lasted approximately 250 years from the reign of Octavius Augustus.

Emperor Caracalla built in Rome the baths that bear his name. They were public baths that had steam rooms, pools of hot water (caldarium) and cold (frigidarium), gymnastics, rest and massage rooms. There were also writing rooms, libraries and gardens. 

On the island of Capri, the Tiberian emperor built a luxurious villa with a swimming pool. You can still visit today’s day

Amphitheaters for all

The construction of the Maximum Circus and the Colosseum in Rome, led to tourism also going in the other direction. Inhabitants of the entire empire wished to know Rome. The network of roads, security and the pax romana contributed to a very important flow of tourists to the capital of the empire. They also built amphitheatres like the Colosseum in Rome and theaters in other cities, which also enjoyed a fair share of tourists. We can name the theater of Orange (France) and the amphitheaters of Nimes and Arles (France) that can be visited nowadays and in a very good state of conservation.


amphitheaters of Nimes and Arles (France) Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Amphitheaters of Nimes (France)

My Darling, and if We Visit Esparta?

During the Roman domination in Greece, the city of Sparta, powerful and famous in other times became a focus of tourism on the part of the Roman upper class. Sparta no longer had possibilities of any kind, military or economic or political, but focused on their ancestral military education to young people. The education of the It was so hard that it became a tourist attraction in itself

Amphitheater in Sparta Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Amphitheater in Sparta

The ritual combats that had traditionally been fought in the shrine of Artemis Ortia, under Roman domination, became the dimastígosis (they existed for a long time) ,  where the children were scourged and sometimes even death. Also the Romans had a deep curiosity to discover how a city so feared in its time, I am reduced to a town of goat herders and a circus military education.

Cicero tells in the Tusculanas (II 34) how Spartan education and its excesses had become a spectacle that attracted tourists: the crowd that comes to the show is so numerous that it was necessary to build an amphitheater in front of the temple to welcome it. This show attracted tourists until the fourth century of our era, as well as documented by Libanio in his Discourses, (I, 23).

Triumph Arch in Via Agrippa - Orange - (France) Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome
Triumph Arch in Via Agrippa – Orange – (France)

End of the first part : Tourism in Ancient Greece and Rome


Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Advertising & Travel : 20th Century

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, many shipping lines that transported mail and some passengers transformed their ships into luxury  Vessels . It was no longer just the flow of immigrants to America. It was a transportation business by sea. And luxury in many cases. This is a brief history of the passengers who crossed the Atlantic oceans on ships. And of the graphic advertisements of that time

Titanic Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Traveling on Sailboats

In 1818, the Black Ball Line shipping company offered the first regular passenger service from the United Kingdom to the United States with a fleet of sailing ships, offering comfort services to passengers. A few years later numerous companies followed their example offering their services around the world.

In 1840, the ship of the British shipping company Cunard Line, the RMS Britannia began its first regular passenger and cargo service performed by a steamship, sailing from Liverpool to Boston. But sailboats still maintained a dominant position in passenger traffic
In 1845, the SS Great Britain became the first propeller-driven iron-hulled ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


Fighting for the Passengers

In the British market, the Cunard Line and the White Star Line maintain a fierce competition from the purchase of the latter company by Thomas Ismay in the late 1860s. The competition is focused on shortening the time between the United Kingdom and New York

In 1899, the White Star Line introduced a new type of boat with the name of RMS Oceanic. The construction of the RMS Oceanic marked a point of inflection from which the White Star stopped competing in speed to offer more comfort and luxury to its passengers.

Cunard Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century

The enlarging Market: Germany

In 1897, Germany appeared in the shipping market of the eltantico with the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse of Norddeutscher Lloyd. A few years later three more twin ships, belonging to the Kaiser class, were added. This ship was the first to own four. The ship would only have needed two for the operation of its boilers, but a larger number of chimneys gave passengers a greater sense of security and was used as a marketing argument

In 1900, the shipping company HAPAG launched the SS Deutschland, also equipped with four chimneys and built to develop high speed. but this increase in speed caused vibrations in the structure of the ship, so it lost market given the discomfort of traveling in those conditions

Normandie Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th CenturyCunard Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Centurywhite star line Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Larger and Faster Passenger  

In 1902, Cunard built two new ocean liners, the RMS Lusitania and the RMS Mauretania, designed to reach a cruising speed of close to 24 knots.

In 1911, the White Star Line launched the RMS Olympic the first of three vessels of 45,000 gross tons, (Olympic class). The other two vessels were to the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic.

In 1912, the RMS Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg, leaving a balance of more than 1,500 people dead. The HMHS Britannic sank November 21 while crossing the Kea channel (Aegean Sea), in the Greek archipelago by an explosion caused by a mine. In this shipwreck 29 people died.

And the war took the Vessels

Before starting WWI, the shipping line Hamburg America Line ordered the construction of three large giant ships, the SS Imperator, SS Vaterland and SS Bismarck, all with more than 51,500 gross tons. The Imperator was launched in 1912, and the Bismarck (later renamed the RMS Majestic) would be the largest ship in the world until 1935.

These ships were not in service with the Hamburg America Line before the First World War. After the war, they were handed over as war reparations after the German defeat, and awarded to the British and American shipping companies. The Vaterland was the SS Leviathan of the United States Lines; the Imperator became the RMS Berengaria and the Bismarck became the RMS Majestic. Respectively of the Cunard and the White Star Line


Passengers and Crews at War

The outbreak of the First World War interrupted the transatlantic commercial trips by the activity of German submarines. In 1915, the RMS Lusitania, in service as a civilian passenger ship, was attacked and torpedoed by a German U-boat. It was sunk in the coast of Ireland with a loss of life of 1,200 passengers and crew.

Large ocean liners, such as the RMS Mauretania and the RMS Olympic, were required for the transport of troops and hospital ships, while smaller ships became armed merchant cruisers. The HMHS Britannic, entered into service in the war as a hospital ship as soon as it was completed, a task he performed for a year before being sunk by a mine in the Aegean Sea.

 Titanic Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century

The Golden Years Returned

After the WWI ended, bigger and faster ships continued to be built. In 1929, the German ships SS Bremen and SS Europe exceeded the speed record set by the Mauretania twenty years earlier, with an average speed of almost 28 knots. The ships used new hydrodynamic designs at the bow and new steam turbines to reach these speeds .

In 1933, the Italian transatlantic SS Rex of 51,300 tons, with a crossing time of four days and thirteen hours, broke the record of the Atlantic crossing. In 1935, the French liner SS Normandie used a new and revolutionary helmet design and a powerful turbo-electric transmission to beat the record again.
Due to the crisis of 1929 the British government merged the Cunard Line and the White Star Line. The new company called Cunard White Star Line, built the RMS Queen Mary and the RMS Queen Elizabeth. Two of the most luxurious ships of that time




The Experience of Traveling in Imperial Airways

imperial airways Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Centuryimperial airways Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Centuryimperial airways Advertising & Travel at the Beginning of the 20th Century








► Amazon Fresh & Amazon Lockers for Tourist

Amazon Fresh is available for tourists and travelers?

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What are the Amazon Lockers?

In a palce or shop where it is located in a geographical point of a city. There is a sect with Lockers where one can go to withdraw, through a code, a purchase made through the Amazon page. Each sector of lockers has a name of its own, for example Venice.

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The Fantastic Canyon of The Verdon

Table of Contents

There Was Once a Glacier

A glacier was excavated for thousands of years in the mountain range to a depth of 750 meters. The Verdon Gorge is located west of the city of Nice. It’s one of the biggest gorges in Europe and I think it’s the prettiest. The Great Canyon of the Verdon is located 863 Km from Paris and 110 km from Nice


the discovery the  Gorge of The Verdon:

The Verdon river, which rises in the Maritime Alps, at an altitude of about 2,630 meters, leads to a distance of more than 160 kilometers on the Durance. On its stretch between Castellane and the lake of Sainte-Croix, the thousand-year-old glacier excavated a stretch of some 21 kilometers of canyon. When the glacier fell, one of the largest gorges in Europe appeared, but also a spectacular landscape. In 1997, a national park was also created.

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► The Charming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Almost a year ago, Samsung called to review each and every Note 7 on the planet. To all. It was the withdrawal of one of the most desired phones of 2016. I wondered if we would see a phone under the name Note.

For any brand, it would have been better to forget the affair and engage in something else. But they wanted to do just the opposite: Galaxy Note, was born again

The Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the biggest screen introduced in a smartphone of the Samsung brand. SuperAMOLED screen 6.3-inch . In Note 8 we have an “Infinity Display” screen of 18.5: 9 which produces a rectangular smartphone.

The quality of the panel is protected with Gorilla Glass 5, compatible with the latest HDR standards and peaks of brightness up to 1240 nits. In hand it is difficult to differentiate from an S8 + except for a more rectangular design and 1/3 of an inch higher. It creates the optical illusion in which it seems that the screen floats on the phone.

IP68 water resistance, fingerprint reader on the back, button dedicated to Bixby, iris sensor and heart rate and compatibility with wireless charging. Note 8 is one of the most complete Android smartphones to date.

The Charming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The point is the S-pen

The Galaxy Note 8 differs from the rest of the smartphones by an accessory that has been accompanying it for years. It’s the S-pen. The main difference of this phone with the rest of devices of the brand. And like every year, the S-pen continues to improve on reliability and options. For some users this is only the reason for purchase.

With the S-pen we can control the phone, take notes, draw on captures, select elements … all with a very precise screen response thanks to the 4096 levels of sensitivity. Only after trying it we realize that sometimes the finger is perhaps not the most ideal to manage the phone.



It is equipped with a processor Exynos 8895, rival of the Snapdragon 835. It also has 6GB of RAM, more than the other phones of the brand.

The Galaxy Note 8 also offers 64GB of built-in UFS 2.1 memory via microSD. The capacity of the battery is 3300mAh, an amount that is correct, although we believe that it should be improved more by the amount of performance of the equipment

Accompanied by a fast charger that will be completed in one hour and three quarters. It is compatible with wireless charging.

High-level double camera

The main novelty of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the incorporation of a double camera. It has the same amount of megapixels and great work has been done in offering a first level portrait mode.

With night shots the first camera is the one that does the best job while thanks to the second we can zoom 2X. The first one is also faster with the Dual Pixel system, in fact this difference increases because in the secondary we do not have the pro mode available.

The video recording is excellent and very stable, being another of the points where Note 8 especially stands out.

Our conclusion of The Charming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in our opinion the best phone with a pen available today. An S-pen which is a differential element. In the rest it looks a lot like the Galaxy S8 +, which we also found an excellent device.

It has an excellent design, manufacture and materials. It has water resistance IP68 and one of the best screens on the market. The photography has improved a lot with the addition of the secondary camera and inside we have a combination of processor Exynos next to the 6GB make it an excellent phone.

Not an economic device, make it the most expensive Android phone within the range. It has some elements to improve: Your Bixby smart assistant is correct. The position of the fingerprint detector is not the best. The speakers are normal, and this smartfhone deserves better. Nor do we have the greater autonomy of the battery as it did with the previous notes.

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info Samsung Corp


►The Convenient NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader


The Nook screen comes in 6-inch thinking durability, it is ideal for those who want a small screen. Paperwhite has improved its lighting adapted to read clearer texts on dark occasions, as they can adapt the text to suit your needs. The good thing is that you will not disturb other people while reading because the built-in light greatly improves reading.


Comparing it with the Kindle, both products have made improvements from their earlier models to ensure that navigation is as simple as possible for the user. This means that they can be used by people who are ereader beginners and by children.

However, the Kindle is the best option if you are thinking about your children using your ereader, as there are more options for the children’s content available on Amazon.


Both the Nook and the Kindle have a battery life of eight weeks so they are similar in this regard. The life of the battery is one of its main concerns, any of the options would be equally appropriate.


Both e-readers have a similar price. This means that they fall in the same price range and will be of interest to people with the same budget range.


The Kindle can store over 1,000 books and includes free cloud storage for all Amazon content. This is perfect for both people who use Amazon to get content and for hardcore readers who can take full advantage of storage space.

The NOOK has a greater capacity of storage, it has the possibility to store up to 2,000 books.


Convenient NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader

Caracteristics of Convenient NOOK GlowLight Plus eReader

  • Higher resolution, 300-dpi display, Glare-free screen
  • Fingerprint- and scratch-resistant
  • Waterproof and dustproof – Made of durable aluminum
  • Includes BlueProton USB 3.0 microSDXC/SDXC Card Reader

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► The Useful Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers

The Helpful Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers

New : Kindle Oasis eReader Waterproof !! Oct 2017

After maintaining the same Amazon design, it presents the Amazon Kindle model, a letter-size eBook reader, endowed with a thicker side than the rest. There the hardware is installed. This protuberance for calling it somehow serves to catch the kindle.

Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers  It comes equipped with a cover and an additional battery, so you can keep a charge (depending on usage) about two months
We understand that until this moment it is the best eReader that exists in place.


It is 6 inches and one of the best in this market. Same resolution as Paperwhite and kindle Voyage, 1448×1072 pixels and 300 dpi,

It has 10 LED lights, more than the

 Voyage kindle that owns 6 or 4 of the Paperwhite: The lighting is more powerful and more uniform.

Useful Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers


The case includes an additional battery, a novelty, which is also charging the Kindle Oasis battery. This increases the autonomy up to almost two months (depends on the readings). Is the team with more autonomy of the market. In charging mode, the two batteries are charged simultaneously. The sheath can be placed or removed at will.

The rest of the benefits are similar to the other kindle. Having the weight on one side, where it grabs, makes the lever arm less and less tiring to hold

Special features

It includes an accelerometer, which turns the screen. So it can be used with the left hand as with the right. Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers

It has physical buttons to turn the page without having to place the finger on the screen.

The frame does not protrude from the screen, as it does on the rest of Kindle
Comes in two versions

  • Kindle Oasis WiFi version, with case included of various colors.
  • Kindle Oasis version WiFi + 3G free also with cover included


Technical Details of Useful Kindle Oasis eReader for Left-Handers

DisplayAmazon’s 6″ Paperwhite display technology with E Ink Carta™ and built-in light, 300 ppi, optimized font technology, 16-level gray scale
Size5.6″ x 4.8″ x 0.13-0.33″ (143 mm x 122 mm x 3.4-8.5 mm)
Cover: 5.7” x 4.9” x 0.07-0.18” (144 mm x 125 mm x 1.9-4.6 mm)
WeightWi-Fi: 4.6 oz (131 g); Wi-Fi + 3G: 4.7 oz (133 g); Cover: 3.8 oz (107 g)
Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process
System RequirementsNone; fully wireless and doesn’t require a computer to download content
On-Device Storage4 GB; holds thousands of books
Cloud StorageFree cloud storage for all Amazon content
Battery LifeA single charge with cover lasts up to eight weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10. Battery life will vary based on light and wireless usage.
Charge TimeFully charges in less than 3 hours from a computer via USB cable
Wi-Fi ConnectivitySupports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Content Formats SupportedKindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion
DocumentationQuick Start Guide (included in box); Kindle Oasis User Guide (pre-installed on device) [PDF]. Additional information in multiple languages available online.
Warranty and Service1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year Extended Warranty available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Kindle is subject to the terms found here.
Included in the BoxKindle Oasis with leather charging cover, USB 2.0 charging cable and Quick Start Guide

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