Quick guide to Travel to France by Car

Travel to France by Car

 Are you planning to make a road trip through France?

  • Do you plan to rent a car in France to get to know the country?
  • Do you want to travel to France by car but have no idea what to do first?
  • What is necessary to travel around France and enjoy it, without having a nervous breakdown?
  • Do you go to another country in Europe and have to cross France by road?

Okay. The first thing that is needed is a lot of money. If you have it, stop reading and book a luxury hotel here. This post is not for you.

Now, if you have a more limited budget. This is the right place

Here we go

Know what are the rules of circulation in France.

If you have ever driven in any foreign country or if it is the first time you do it, you should know that France is a country where you travel in a similar way as in the United States of America. The rules that you must respect are very similar


Accessories for the car and the trip

Safety belt and child restraint systems

All passengers traveling in France must wear a seatbelt. Children up to 10 years old will have to go with a restraint system approved by the EU, according to their height and weight. The fine for not wearing the seat belt can reach U$S 200.

Road Map of France

guide to travel to France by Car - map of france

Use of the mobile phone while driving

In France the use of the mobile phone with the hands is forbidden. The penalty can reach U$S 200.

Breathalyzer rates in France

Breathalyzer limits for driving in France are:

  1. Allowed alcohol level in blood max. 0.5 g / l.
  2. Permitted alcohol rate in aspirated air 0.25 mg / l.
  3. In case of exceeding these limits, the economic penalty would be U$S 200. and you could not drive in French territory for 3 years.
    With a rate of 0.8 g / l in blood (0.4 mg / l in aspirated air), the economic penalty could be up toU$S 5000., plus 3 years without being able to drive in French territory.
  4. The use of narcotics to drive is also prohibited.


If you travel by car, you may need a hotel on the road. Hy several companies.If you travel by car, you may need a hotel on the road. Hy several companies. We do not recommend especially one. Just follow the booking link and compare prices and services. Place the nearest city on the search panel and locate on the map.

Speed ​​limits

The limits of speed by road vary in function of the meteorological conditions. There is a maximum speed limit for when the weather is good, another for when it rains and another in conditions of poor visibility. The speed limits in France are.

Urban highways,
two-lane roads separated
Other ways9080
Urban roads5050


Keep in mind that, in France there are fixed and mobile radars. The fixed radars  ones are usually warned in advance by a signal and focus in front.

 Triangle and emergency vest

A reflective safety vest and a triangle must be carried in the vehicle. This is like in Spain. The penalty can be up to   U$S 200

Oh no! Carry a breathalyzer in the car?

This rule is no longer in force, but it was. Because of protests by drivers this law was modified in 2013 and you can not punish a driver for not wearing it. Only if they stop you on the road can they recommend you take it. Only one recommendation. No fines for that reason.

First aid kit

This rule is only mandatory if you are going to travel through France for a long period of time. If you are only visiting or on vacation, it is not compulsory to bring the first aid kit in the car

Tolls in France

If the roads of France are known for something, it is because of the large ( very) number of tolls that must be paid to travel. Most motorways are tolls and usually accept, in addition to cash, credit and debit cards.

  • Tip: Carry coins. The machines where you pay with a card do not always work.
  • Another  Tip more. The right lane with green arrow is the one that is manually enabled, attended by a person

Parking in France

Regulated parking areas in France are usually located within urban centers and are usually areas with parking meters marked on the ground with colored lines. You have to pay for parking on weekdays from 9 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 6 pm, but you should check in each case and ensure the local time by checking the signs on the street

guide to travel to France by Car - Parking

 Rest areas and service stations on the roads of France

When making a stop, there are two main options: do it in a rest area or at a service station. The two options are very good. for the quantity and quality of services they offer. Especially in service stations.
On the French routes there are many rest areas and high quality services

Rest areas

They usually have a green area and another with parking. They have facilities with bathrooms, recreational areas for children with games for them. And also areas to eat. There are NO shops and gasoline sales

Service stations

There is an area with a gas station and another with a restaurant, bathrooms and several shops, as well as green areas. These service areas usually offer everything you need, you can eat in a restaurant or buy prepared food and consume it there. Some bathrooms in these service areas have showers.

Gasoline in France

On the highways they put a sign with the price of fuel at the next service stations, so you can see where it is cheaper to refuel.

  • Tips: Gasoline is more expensive on highways, than in towns and cities

Fines in France

In case you are fined in France you should know that you have the right to pay it at the time, in which case a large discount will be applied. You should also know that there is a register of vehicles at the EU level and if it is a rented vehicle, the fine will reach the car rental company. In that case they will be fixed the day of the fine that coincides with the driver’s rent and debit them from the credit card. If this is within your possibilities, it is cheaper to pay the fine cash and at that moment

Mobile phones in France

The use of mobile phones when driving is punishable by law and subject to heavy fines.

Tips: guide to travel to France by Car

  • As of January 2018, roaming has been canceled throughout the European Union. So if you buy a prepaid SIM in France, you can use it to call Germany as if it were local
  • Rent a vehicle with WIFI. In France it is not easy to get WIFI in public areas

Why not drive around National Parks in France?

Almost 20% of French territory is protected to preserve its extraordinary natural, scenic and cultural values. The geographical situation of France and its climatic and geological diversity make it a varied ecosystem of natural landscapes. And it’s very easy to get there by car

Park of the Calanques

The white hills of the Calanques emerge in the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean in the vicinity of Marseille. The National Park of the Calanques (Provence) is a place that you can go hiking, climbing, diving and sea kayaking. To explore the calanques, excursions are hired by boat that sail from the Old Port of Marseille or from Cassis. You can spend the night in the guest rooms of an old castle or in the Hotel Le Cassitel located in the port.

Park national of Calanques - guide to travel to France by Car

One of the most amazing walking tours of the park is the one that connects the cove of Port-Miou, with more than 500 submerged boats, with that of En-Vau, passing by the small cove of Port-Pin. How to get to the National Park of the Calanques by car?. You have to arrive by the D559 route until the city of Redou.

Park of the Pyrenees

Centennial trees, pastures, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls are the mark of the National Park of the Pyrenees created in 1967 This park has altitude that is over 1,000 meters and reaches up to 3,300 meters in its highest part. Between New Aquitaine and Occitania, it is the only national park of the French Pyrenean massif. Very far from the north of France as the cities of Strasbourg

It also houses a central area where activities such as grazing and forestry take place, a peripheral area divided into six valleys (Aspe, Ossau, Azun, Cauterets, Luz and Aure) and two national nature reserves (those of Néouvielle and Ossau, which is a nesting area for the griffon vultures). The summer months are the best times to get to know the park and hiking, the best way to go there.

Park national of Pyrenees - guide to travel to France by Car

The fauna that inhabits the park is varied and they are marmots, bearded vultures, capercaillies, chamois or griffon vultures. One of its trails is the GR10, which connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranean, crossing the entire park. You can spend the night in a refuge: that of Arlet, sixth stage of the Path of Camille that follows in the footsteps of one of the last bears of the Pyrenees

How to get to the National Park of the Pyrenees by car?. You have to arrive by the A64 route until the city of PAU. from there to the city of Lourdes. Then any route to the south reaches the park

Park of the Vanoise

There were hardly any ibexes in the Sierra de la Vanoise in 1963, which led to the protection of the area as a national park. Today, a colony of 1,800 copies converts the Vanoise National Park, in Rhône-Alpes, into the most important ibex reserve in France.

Eagles, lammergeyer, chamois, marmots. Species that always choose the purest and best preserved environments The Vanoise park is located between the valleys of the Maurienne and the Tarantaise, with peaks of more than 3,000 meters, glaciers and narrow valleys.

Your visit is an amazing experience in all seasons of the year. You can go hiking, activity reigns in the park with 500 kilometers of roads. If you are interested in visiting the fantastic world of glaciers, we will visit the Glacialis space. It is an interpretation center installed in the old presbytery of Champagny-le-Haut. There you can discover the mechanics of birth and development of mountain glaciers. You can also walk the glaciological trail that borders the small valley of Champagny-le-Haut, in the company of wild animals such as marmots and ibexes.

For the more adventurous, we can spend the night in one of the park’s shelters. Four of them are easily accessible, such as the Le Bois shelter in Champagny-en-Vanoise, where you can delight in the culinary specialties of Savoy. We are talking specifically about Beaufort cheese. You can drive by D1006 motorway.

Cevennes National Park

The Cévennes National Park was built in 1970 in the Languedoc-Mediterranean region and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It has a central inhabited area, in which the relationship between the human seer is by excellent dedas. There are 5,000 kilometers of marked trails for walking, cycling, horseback riding

Park of Port-Cros

On the coast of Provence, between Marseille and Saint-Tropez, is one of the natural paradises of the Mediterranean. it is the National Park of Port-Cros (Provence), created in 1963. The islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros (central area of ​​the park) and Levant (peripheral zone) form an exceptional maritime-terrestrial reserve. It has a valuable landscape, where the cliffs, beaches of fine sand and an original terrestrial and marine fauna and flora count. There are trails with more than 51 kilometers marked that cross its territory. In Port-Cros, there are five military forts, which account for their past. You can drive to Tolon by A60 motorway

Park of Écrins

Écrins National Park, created in 1973 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence region. Located between the Northern Alps and the Southern Alps, it has more than 160 peaks of more than 3,000 meters. Yambien has 11,000 hectares of glaciers and its central zone is only accessible on foot. Hiking is the main activity both in summer and winter (in rackets or hiking) and there you can discover the diversity of the local fauna. You can go hiking in the glaciers. 

The village of La Grave, is located 1,500 meters in front of the peak of the Meije (3,984 meters) and is an excellent place for practitioners of mountaineering. The cable car of the Glaciers leaves La Grave and offers an extraordinary landscape on the Alps and takes us to a refuge of height where you can see landscapes amazing. 

All these national parks can be accessed by car. Just check the road map or your GPS

 Documentation to be carried in the  car

  • Documentation of the car provided by the car rental company
  • ID, Passport
  • Driving license

Tips : guide to travel to France by Car

  • REFUEL  in supermarkets that are outside the cities. It’s much cheaper
  • If you are FINED, pay if you can cash at that time. It’s cheaper
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS : If you are a witness or a victim of an accident, these are the emergency telephone numbers:
    • SAMU (Emergency Medical): 15
    • Rescue Police: 17
    • Firemen: 18
    • European Emergency Mobile Number: 112
    • In France, these numbers are free and are interconnected with the best relief service organizations. Also, if you are a terrestrial witness of a shipwreck at sea, you can c
    • all 1616, dedicated to maritime emergencies. The 115 is reserved for people who have no resources and who are in danger.


  • IN CASE OF LOSING YOUR DOCUMENTATION. Make a statement at the police station, who will give you a receipt, and check with your consulate.
  • LOSS OF KEYS OR OTHER OBJECTS.  At the police station, ask for the service number for stolen objects (in Paris, 33 (0) 1 55 76 20 00).
  • IN CASE OF LOSS OF CAR.  At the police station they will register your complaint or they will direct you to the car depot if your badly parked vehicle was taken by the crane.
  • LOSS OF YOUR BANK CARDS.  Please report it as soon as possible at the police station and contact your local supplier: eurocard-mastercard: 33 (0) 1 45 67 84 84 visa: 0892 705 705 diner’s-club: 0810 314 159 american express: 33 (0) 1 47 77 72 00
  • IN CASE OF LOSS OF AN ANIMAL  Contact the animal protection society (SPA). Tel .: 33 (0) 1 43 80 40 66


  • LITIGATION With a hotel, a restaurant … you have to contact the Departmental Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Repression (Direction Départementale de la Concurrence, of the Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes) of the department where the acts were committed. You can also contact the authorities of your country through your Consulate or your Embassy.
  • IN CASE OF AGGRESSION, THEFT You can place a complaint: in a gendarmerie or police post in the place closest to the events or, in the Office of the Prosecutor of the Court of first instance in the place of the aggression or of the address of your attacker if you have been able to identify it.
  • IN THE EVENT OF COMMITTING A CRIME. If you commit a violation, you will be judged in the same way as a French citizen, whether it is a traffic code violation, public transport fraud, drunkenness or taking part in a bar fight . A European number (116 006) has been launched on April 15, 2010. In order to inform you of your rights in case of crime. This number will also allow you to contact the agencies that may intervene to fix the situation: assistance, insurance ..


  • Electricity and plugs: electricity runs at 220 volts, 50 Hz AC. The plugs are of type E (round plug and ground receptacle male connector);
  • Tips: the prices of bars and restaurants already have the service included (15%), so it is not necessary to leave tips
  • Hours: banks are usually open from 10am to 5pm, shops from 9am or 10am until 7pm or 8pm, with lunch break, Sunday and holidays are practically all closed, even some tourist offices, keep this in mind ! Many museums close on Mondays, others on Tuesdays

The End

🏊 Tulum Beach – Mexico

Mexico Beach Destinations – Tulum

Where is Tulum Beach, Mexico? : 1282 miles from the city of Florida (USA). One and a half hour flight to Cancun airport and two hours more by car This is in the yucatan peninsula, on the Caribbean Sea

 the beach tulum jacuzzi rooftop. Tulum beach all inclusive resorts

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, one of the essential sites in Tulum are its Mayan ruins, located on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea.

 the beach tulum jacuzzi rooftop. Tulum beach all inclusive resorts

One of the few places in the world where you can make a beach, next to millenary priramides

It has clear turquoise waters and is the only archaeological site that is on the seashore. It is one of the most amazing places in Mexico, to say that it can be the best.

It is a beautiful beach and the good news is that you can also stay there:  Tulum beach all inclusive resorts , search here

the beach tulum all inclusive

Under the cliff is the beach of Paradise, considered one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya. From that beach, excursions to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef are organized.

caribe Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts: A place for a wedding.

Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts: one place for a wedding.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve measures half a million hectares and covers all possible scenarios: beaches, coral reefs, tropical jungle, dunes and cenotes.

Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts: A better place for a wedding.

Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts: A place for a wedding.

      Is not it a beautiful place for a wedding? 

Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts:

Relax & Enjoy in Tulum: Encantada beachfront boutique hotel or search Tulum Beach all Inclusive Resorts

Encantada Tulum Hotel : Gallery image of this property


Tulum Beach all inclusive resorts: A romantic place for a wedding.  

 You can also see other romantic and paradisiacal beaches. See this note on pink sand beaches. Unique in the world Click here

tulum beach all inclusive resorts

Map of Tulum


► Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML Review

Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML

Onyx Boox has several large screen eReaders to offer. If yesterday we knew the Onyx Boox 13 inches, today we have known that also has been renewed the Onyx Boox N96 with interesting hardware and two versions that will make this eReader satisfy many users.

The Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML are two versions of the well-known Onyx Boox N96 on which the current Tagus Magno is based. These models will have a Cortex A9 processor at 1 ghz, 512 Mb of ram (in the case of N96) and 1 Gb of ram memory in case of N96ML.
Onyx Boox N96 is priced at around $ 320.00

Both models have 16GB of internal storage and Android 4.0. The Onyx Boox N96 screen is 9.7 “with a resolution of 1,200 x 825 pixels.
In both versions there is a slot for microSD cards, audio output, Wifi, bluetooth and a battery of 3.000 mAh. In the case of the Onyx Boox N96 the screen is capacitive and stylus, but has no illumination.
In the version of Onyx Boox N96ML, the screen is controlled with stylus and has lighting.

And if we just look for a big screen eReader, I think this could be a great option.


 Main Functions:

  • New 9.7 inch E-ink reader, built-in dual touch\front light (optional model);
  • Android 4.0 smart OS, support for more third party applications ;
  • Physical buttons combined with touch screen, for more convenience;
  • Powerful Audio functions, built-in Microphone for recording audio;
  • Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 ;
  • Built in 16G large capacity, extended TF Card (32G)
  • 3000mAh large capacity battery lasts around 4 weeks .

New 9.7 inch Reader.Double touch \ Front Light

  • N96 Capacitive and Electromagnetic Touch, without front light , both enabled at the same time, switch freely, it’s your choice!
  • N96ML Electromagnetic Touch with front light : write with style, draw, take notes,with more precision;
  •  (Note: N96 Double Touch version does not come with frontlight.)


 Finger Touch

  • Capacitive touch sensing technology can be used with the touch of your fingers:
  • -Open/close documents ;
  • -Zoom in/out, change font size ;
  • -Writing and sharing notes ;
  • -Swiping on the screen for page-turning ;
  • -More convenient operation: use search and free selection tools without the need of relying on an external pen/stylus

Digitzier with stylus

  • Built in pressure sensitivity with our stylus;
  • By increasting the pressure on the tip you can draw thicker lines, and by reducing the pressure the lines become thinner

Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML Review

E-ink Display

  • Display with ambient light reflection which doesn’t hurt your eyes, even after hours of reading;
  • No backlight, no screen glare or flare reflection;
  • Energy efficient, good for the environment;
  • -Screen size: 9.7 inch
    -Resolution: 1200 x 825 pixels
    -Grayscale: 16 levels of gray
    -Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • E-ink screen using ambient light reflection ,environmental protection, energy saving, no backlight, no flicker, no glare, no reflection,even in the sun light, can clearly visible, comparable to reading on paper

FrontLight Display

  • Gentle and balanced light, adjustable brightness, read in different ambient lighting without interference;
  • Long press back button to turn on/off frontlight immediately, if necessary;
  • Frontlight can be turned off entirely, especially when there is adequate ambient light, in order to save power, and prolong battery life

Highspeed WIFI + Bluetooth 4.0

  • Stronger WIFI antenna, more stable connection, greater speeds while opening the browser, downloading, reading and surfing the web



  • Built-in speaker and microphone for listening to your music and recording your voice; 3.5mm audio interface, enjoy the world of your own;
  • Support Text-to-Speech function, music playing in the background, audiobooks, let all your senses enjoy
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, for you to transfer data without WIFI, efficient, quick, convenient and pragmatic;

Physical Buttons

  • Four physical buttons on the right side: menu, back, page up and page down. Easily operate without the electromagnetic pen, coordinate with capacitive touch, it is just that simple


16G Storage Capacity

  • Built-in 16G storage, support for external MicroSD card up to 32G, no worrying about storage anymore.
  • More APPs, large books, all inside your device, create a mobile library just for yourself

Support Multi-Format

  • Support 15 types of format, including PDF\EPUB\TXT\MOBI\CHM\DJVU\HTML\RTF\FB2\DOC\PDB\etc.
  • Text formats, JPG\PNG\BMP\etc. image formats, and MP3\WAV\etc. audio formats, other special formats can be supported by using third-party APPs

  Onyx Boox N96 and N96ML Review 

Metal back caseing    More durable

  • -Thickness: 9.5 mm
    -Weight: 480 grams
  • Smaller than a magazine with A4 paper size,
    easy to hold in the hand and carry around;
  • Aluminium alloy shell, higher protection for your device;

Large capacity battery

  • 3000mAH Lithium polymer battery , can achieve about 4 weeks of standby time;
  • Automatic sleep/wake function using our official cover,
    specially designed for the N96.
  • Opening the cover will automatically wake your BOOX device, closing the cover will automatically turn your device to sleep mode

🎡 Works in Oil Windmill

Oil Windmill in Zaanse Schans



🗼 Walking Paris in Three Days: Complete Guide

Walking Paris in Three Days

Table of Contents

 Walking Paris in Three Days  : First Day

We propose this travel guide to visit Paris in three days where the most famous places were included and some recommendations do not waste a minute of time

Arrived to Visit Paris on train to the station of Paris Gare du Nord from London. We took a public transport ( Metro).Luckily the hotel was very close.

Before starting, I commented that there is an option for those who do not intend to walk: make a City Tour hop on-hop off, of which you can tour the main points of the city for one or two days. In Paris there are two very good companies: Big Bus and City Sigthseeing

They see in Paris in 3 days 

Arc de Triomphe & Grand Palais

Download The Complete Guide: Three Days in Paris  

We will start our route at the Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle-Etoile metro:  lines 1, 2 and 6). We advise climbing to have a panoramic view of Paris. Once up, you can see the large avenues that start from here dividing the center of Paris, the financial district of La Defense and the famous Eiffel Tower.

Leer más🗼 Walking Paris in Three Days: Complete Guide

🌋 Walking Erotic Pompeii: Vettii House

Vettii House: Pompeii – Italy

The House of the Vettii in Pompeii, famous for its erotic paintings, can now be visited, although the most surprising environments still remain closed to tourists.

Walking Erotic Pompeii Vettii House- Italy

Pompeii was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.  The ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum are one of the main tourist attractions in Italy.

Vettii house of Pompeii, may be visited by tourists. It had been closed for twelve years, but the interventions for its restoration will make it possible to soon visit the entrance areas, the atrium of the surrounding cubicles and the triclinium (dining room), with an astonishing series of mythological frescoes.

   the Vettii House: Pompeii - Italy

Under protection of the gods

Domus of the Vetti is among the richest and most famous of Pompeii. The house is under protection of the Príapo God, represented on the right of the door and now, thanks to the restoration. It is seen with all its striking colors: the yellow of the tunic and the brown body of the god that represents the economic prosperity of the owners.  The brothers Vettii: Aulus Vettius Restitutus and Conviva.  They were freedmen enriched through commerce.

Walking Pompeii -the Vettii House: Pompeii - Italy

The most important Rooms of the Vettii Domus, still remain closed for tourists. The director of the Archaeological Superintendence of Pompeii, announced that a specific restoration of those rooms will be launched shortly.  Among the rooms to be restored is the one located next to the kitchen that has a lararium, room where the tutelary gods of the house lived, painted on one of its walls.

Street of Pompeii -Walking Erotic Pompeii Vettii House- Italy

There, you can also admire erotic paintings. But first they must be carefully restored. Gentiloni said today that much more can be done to enhance the area. For now, visitors should be satisfied with touring the art gallery, with triclinium frescoes representing mythological scenes.

The paintings of the gods

Main Street of Pompeii -the Vettii House: Pompeii - Italy

According to the experts, the paintings were painted in this house that, intentionally. Is not very illuminated to prevent the light from damaging the colors. The scenes represent Ariadna abandoned by Theseus on the island of Naxos. A Daedalus who donates to Pasiphae the wooden cow, from which the Minotaur will be born. Also to Mercury, sent from Zeus, who joins Ixion in a wheel of fire that spins endlessly in the sky, to punish him for having coveted Juno.

Punishment of Ixion

Punishment of Ixion: Walking erotic pompeii vettii house

This scene is located in Vettii House, on the east wall of the north triclinium. This  scene shows the moment of Ixion, the Lapith King, being punished for betraying Zeus. After being welcomed into Olympus by the god, Ixion grew to lust after Zeus’s wife, Hera. After attempting to seduce her, Zeus creates the cloud goddess Nephele in the image of Hera. Ixion lays with Nephele and their union creates the centaurs. As punishment, Zeus banishes Ixion from Olympus and orders Hermes to tie Ixion to a winged fiery wheel, which is to spin for eternity.

Walking Pompeii and its Amphitheater

Pompeii of course is not just Domus Vettii. To go through it completely, you need at least two full days. It has jewels of ancient architecture. One of them is the Roman amphitheater in Pompeii, with a capacity for 20,000 spectators. Besides being one of the best preserved (it is in the top ten) has a curiosity that makes it unique. It turns out that the capacity of the amphitheater coincides with the total population of Pompeii. that is to say, the entire city could have a show.


If you Walking Erotic Pompeii Vettii House: The improvement of the lighting in an appropriate way, the wi-fi service and the enhancement of Region VI of the city are among the changes that will come.

People with disabilities can now visit the Roman ruins of Pompeii on a new path without barriers. The circuit, called “Pompeii for all”, runs from the entrance, in the Porta Marina, along Via dell’Abbondanza to most of the tourist-interesting buildings.

How to get to Pompeii from Rome

  1. Train:  Take the train in Rome, station Termini has Naples, station Piazza Garibaldi. Once there Take the local Transvesuvian train (in the same station, in the underground) to the Pompeii station. 2 hours of travel.
  2. Bus: Line 23  From Rome to Pompeii 4 hours of travel.
  3. For Visit Pompeii: Where to stay in Naples click here




The director of the Archaeological Superintendence of Pompei Massimo Osanna
The director of the Archaeological Superintendence of Pompei Massimo Osanna

Segreteria Ernesta Rizzo, Clelia Mazza Via Plinio n. 4 – 80045 Pompei (NA) – coordinate + 39 081 8575111 pa-pompei@beniculturali.it  

Ufficio Scavi di Pompei Direttrice Grete Stefani grete.stefani@beniculturali.it

◙ Evolution of a Crane and Hoist: Ancient Rome


Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers

Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers – 2018

Welcome Presidents & Prime Ministers. These are places to relax for a few days (hours?). So in a few minutes you can book some of these hotels and enjoy (even if they do not go, just book for the future of this blog)

Relaxation for Presidents & Prime Ministers. Five options to download pressures, lower triglycerides and cholesterol. Decrease blood pressure. You can even recover hair. It also decreases the bank account, but that’s not a problem: It’s a virtue. Let yourself be carried away by some of these places. and if you do not like it, hire others, but do it here! Enjoy the booking!

Mandarin Oriental New York - Guide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers Book Now

Do not forget the accessories, in the hotels they will not sell them!

Leer másGuide of Relaxing Hotels for Presidents & Prime Ministers

Sofitel La Reserva – Argentina

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

I spent a weekend at the Sofitel La Reserva Cardales, Prov of Buenos Aires Argentina. We chose Sunday and Carnival Monday of February 2018. It was booked with case two months in advance through Booking.com. And the first surprise when arriving. Full hotel.

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

It is a very large hotel, which includes several pools with hot-cold water and various hydrojet. It has a private lake shared by a country club where you can kayak. It has guided circuits to make bicycles and to walk inside the park of the hotes. Approximate five miles.

We detail step by step:

The Room

With a covered area of ​​100 square meters including a terrace with a lovely view

Sofitel La Reserva: Luxury Hotel & Spa

  Sofitel La Reserva: Cardales Luxury Hotel & Spa

View of The Terrace

Evening view from the terrace of the room

The Staff

Very friendly and correct. Excellent cleaning service. The same for the staff of the swimming pools and the part of the sandy beaches (that is, it has two sandy beaches that overlook the lake)



Swimming Pools

They also have bicycles for a circuit in the internal park. Kayaks There are kayaks to explore the lake. It is done in less than an hour. All a novelty


In the tour of the park and the lake you can see different species of birds. There are ducks and cichlids, but what we loved most were the owls.



The Restaurant

In the hotel there are two restaurants. In one of them (La Butaca) there is a fixed menu or the buffet option, which is highly recommended. The food of first quality. There is also another a la carte gourmet restaurant with an excellent wine cellar


Sandy Beaches

The sandy beaches are small but considering the place where the hotel is, they are quite adequate. The service of the staff in the pools is correct.


Here is a point against. the bowling alleys are in very bad condition. We played twice and the balls made any journey

Sofitel La Reserva , it is a hotel to enjoy in itself and to relax. has different options of a city hotel (keep in mind that it is 38 miles from the city of Buenos Aires Argentina and in the middle of the countryside). It is located very close to a state wildlife reserve, so some of the birds in the reserve are sometimes seen inside the park of the Hotel.

I was able to find out reservs and availabilities on the hotel landing page at booking.com

For us it is highly recommended to relax a few days and take a break.

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Best Travel Gadgets 2018

The Best Travel Gadgets 2018 on Amazon.com

Travel Power Bank – Adapter for Europe – Travel Alarm Clock – Digital Luggage Scale


Travel Power Bank -Best Travel Gadget 2018 on Amazon.com Best Travel Gadget 2018- Adapter 220v  Best Travel Gadget 2018- Travel Clock Scale Luggage Best Travel Gadgets 2018

Luggage & Travel Gear – eBook readers – Travel Toothbrush – Travel Pillow

Luggage & Travel Gear Best Travel Gadgets 2018eBook readers - Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Travel Toothbrush - Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Travel Pillow - Best Travel Gadgets 2018

Travel Backpacks – Travel Shoes – Digital cameras – Memory Cards & Pen drive

Travel Backpacks - Best Travel Gadgets 2018Travel Shoes - Best Travel Gadgets 2018  Digital cameras - Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Memory Cards & Pen drive - Best Travel Gadgets 2018

Hiking Boots – Travel Multitools – Travel Makeup – TSA Luggage Locks

Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Multitools Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Travel Makeup Best Travel Gadgets 2018 Keys Best Travel Gadgets 2018

Trekking Poles – Travel Flashligth – Traveller First Aid Kit – Travel Clothing

Poles Best Travel Gadgets 2018 lantern Best Travel Gadgets 2018oles  First Aids Best Travel Gadgets 2018olesClothes Best Travel Gadgets 2018oles

Gadgets that make the trip easier

From luggage with tracker to scales to calculate the weight of the bag and adapters for plugs, a guide with objects that every traveler will appreciate at the time of packing. All these articles are designed to save time and money on any trip.

In this first post about travel accessories, the most useful and common ones were selected. they are grouped by categories, so if the article you are looking for is not here, just access it by the nearest category. Enjoy the purchase at Amazon.com

There are other Gadgets for travelers

Quick dry towels, Smart bags, Dehumid underwear, Anti-sand blankets, Motorized luggage that follow a yard to its owner. Folding eyeglasses. Portable sanitary equipment. There are many more accessories to review in the next post.

 best travel gadgets 2018


If I get here and did not find the article I was looking for I could enter here in the general categories of amazon.com and use their search engines. The Best Travel Gadgets 2018




🏄 The Beaches with Pink Sand of the Mediterranean Sea

The Best Pink Beach of the Mediterranean Sea

These are three beaches with pink sand found in the Mediterranean Sea. One in Greece, one in Italy and the last one in Spain. The sand has that color due to the remains of molluscs and marine algae that were deposited during thousands of years on those beaches.

Spiaggia Rossa, Sardinia -Italy

Located in the Bonifacio Strait, in the north of Sardinia, the beaches of Budelli are among the favorite ones of the region.

Pieces of coral, shells and bivalve mollusks give color to the sand of the spa that has been protected territory for twenty years and today offers a spectacular picture. The blue of the sea hits the pink beach and a little further on the intense green of the vegetation. Undoubtedly, a postcard to admire

Spiaggia Rossa, Sardinia -Italy Another best pink beach

Booking Hotel in Sardinia – Italy here

Elafonisi, Greece

The small island, to the southwest of Crete, is one of the destinations that surprise tourists who travel the area. There is the Lafonisi Nature Reserve, which turns the landscape -columns of sea daffodils- into an even more spectacular site. A few kilometers to the north is Gramvousa, another pink sand resort.

elafonisi Another best pink beach

Booking Hotel in Creta – Greece

Beach of Ses Illetes, Spain

Another best pink beach is Formentera, like the other Balearic Islands, is known throughout the world for the quality of its beaches. This, located to the north within the Natural Park of Ses Salines. And was recognized among the five best beaches in the world and many consider it to be the most beautiful in Europe. It is surrounded by islands and reefs, four kilometers from the savina and can be accessed by land or sea. It has a gentle slope: 50 meters from the shore the sea reaches a depth of one and a half meters. For its natural wealth and its landscape value, it was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site

.Beach of Ses Illetes, Spain Another best pink beach

Booking Hotel in Baleares – Spain here

🏃 Walking Bilbao in Two Days


Walking Bilbao: It is a county located in the north of Spain The town of Bilbao is the capital with more than 340,000 inhabitants and is the most populated city of the autonomous community that extends along the estuary of Bilbao or the Nervión. The city is surrounded by two mountain ranges with an altitude that does not exceed 500 meters. It was founded at the end of the 13th century. This is a guide to tour Bilbao in two days

Walking Bilbao

We arrived from Madrid by air to the Bilbao airport. To go to the city center, if you do not choose the taxi, the bus is the best option. We take the Bizkaibus A3247, which costs 1.45 Euros and you can buy it in the same Bus. The bus takes about 30 minutes to go from the airport to Bilbao Termibus. 

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☼ Kurort Rathen – Bastei – Germany

Kurort Rathen Bastei – Germany

Kurort Rathen Bastei Germany

 The Saxon Switzerland National Park (Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz) is southeast of Dresden, and is part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, up to the Czech Republic. The surface you are protected is 38,000 hectares of rock formations in the form of towers, originated by the Elbe River, which travelers who make the journey Dresden – Prague can see and be amazed



Kurort Rathen Bastei Germany
Kurort Rathen Bastei Germany

The Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz), also known as the Elbsandstein hill (Elbsandsteingebirge), is located in the easternmost part of the federal state of Saxony that borders the Czech Republic. On the other side of the border the mountain of the Elbsandstein continues and bears the name of Switzerland Bohemia (Ceske Svycarsko).


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☼ Treadwheel Crane in Cathedral of Strasbourg

Cathedral of Strasbourg

We visited the Cathedral of Strasbourg in 2017

treadwheel crane cathedral strasbourg

treadwheel crane cathedral strasbourg

The Cathedral of Strasbourg was the first cathedral of Germany (or Kingdom of Germania). Until the arrival of Louis XIV in 1681 and his minister of the war, the Marquess of Louvois that camped in the environs of Strasbourg and forced their submission to the French monarchy the 30 of September of 1681. The cathedral was delivered by the same Luis XIV The head of the Catholic bishopric of Strasbourg, Egon de Furstenberg. Absent from the city for almost 150 years, that way ended the period as an independent city.

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⛪ Five museums to travel in 2018

You can not miss any of these five Museums in 2018



Museum Atelier des Lumieres: Paris France

Paris expects one of the most important openings of the year. It is the first digital arts center to be held in the summer of 2018. This space will be a pioneer in maximizing the experience of its visitors by showing exhibitions that go beyond the contemplative and they seek to be monumentally immersive.

By merging technology and art, the l’Atelier des Lumières museum will use 120 projectors, a specialized sound system and a highly exclusive multimedia equipment that extends from the floors to the ceilings and walls ten meters high.

Ateliers des Lumiers -five Museums in 2018


Museums in 2018: LOUVRE :  PARIS – FRANCE

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