Paris Baguette New York City

How many Paris Baguette locations are there in the New York City? At less than 41  locations, Paris Baguette NYC  is tiny compared to the brand’s international footprint   How many Paris Baguette locations are there in Manhattan? At less than 12  locations, Paris Baguette in Manhattan. Tthese are the locations 2568 BroadwayNew York, NY 10025 1270 Lexington AvenueNew York, NY 10028 888 10th AvenueNew York, NY 10019 977 8th AvenueNew York, NY 10019 591 Lexington AvenueSuite 12New York, NY …

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History of Luggage, Suitcases, Trunks and Backpacks

History of Luggage, Trunks and other Travel Luggage Who Invented Luggage? The ancient Egyptians around the year 1500 BC are considered the inventors of Luggage.  For their trips they used chests and trunks that evolved into primitive suitcases made of fine wood and covered with animal fat or leather to make them waterproof. The transfers were not for reasons of pleasure but religious or State, although not exempt from some scientific purpose. The luggage was very heavy. Heavy trunks and …

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How to do Hiking Safely?

How to do Hiking Safely? Tips. Hiking and trekking are very rewarding activities. In order for the experience to be enjoyed, some basic recommendations must be taken into account. There are many trails where you don’t need to be an expert, perhaps the vast majority. But there are also others instead where the level of difficulty is higher. Whatever the route and the days it involves, it is always necessary to follow some minimum safety rules to fully enjoy it. …

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