Yogi Bear and Yellowstone History

Yogi Bear and Yellowstone National Park History This is a post related to the character Yogi Bear and his friend Boo-Boo. Looking for information we found a post from the National Park Service that we thought was unbeatable. So we transcribe it as is. Yogi Bear and Yellowstone History – Yogui Bear Sign – DATE CREATED: 01/01/1961 – Original File : NPS Hey Boo-Boo: Yogi Bear and Yellowstone Yogi Bear, the iconic Hanna-Barbera character has always been associated with Yellowstone. …

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Ischia & Capri: Two Islands to Fall in Love

Ischia & Capri: Islands to Fall in Love During the Middle Ages a watchtower was built over its ruins. In the nineteenth century also a defensive wall.Table of Contents – Capri & Ischia. Near of Pompeii National Park. Capri : Exclusive Tourism from the Roman Empire Capri is an island located at the southern end of the Bay of Naples in Italy. It was already known in the Roman Empire for its beautiful landscapes. The Romans made this island a …

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Memorial Day 2021: What is the history of this day in the USA?

Memorial Day 2021: What is the origin of this day in the USA? Why is Memorial Day it such an important day in the USA? Memorial Day is one of the most important days in America’s patriotism, honoring all those who died during the wars in which the country has participated. During this 2021 it has been established to be celebrated next Monday, May 31, this being the only holiday of the month. It is expected that a large number of …

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Cruise Travel with Volunteer Passengers

Cruise Travel with Volunteer Passengers in 2021 The United States Government approves cruise trips with volunteer passengers The United States authorized the cruise industry on Tuesday to carry out simulated trips with volunteer passengers as a way to speed up a possible reactivation of this industry by mid-July from the country’s ports. According to health authorities, if shipping companies can guarantee that the vast majority of crew members (98%) and passengers (95%) are vaccinated, they may be able to restart …

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Latino América: como Comprar en Amazon  

Buscadores Especializados en Amazon

La manera mas practica de  Comprar en Amazon  

Amazon a la Hora de hacer un pedido on-line, es uno de los mejores sitios. Tienen variedad y precio, además de un sistema de entrega por correo muy bueno. También tiene política de devoluciones muy aceptable y practica.

Para el caso de Latino América se pueden elegir entre estos tres sitios de Amazon (AMZ)

Amazon USA    

Amazon UK ( Gran Bretaña) 

Amazon España

A simple vista parece que conviene utilizar el sitio AMZ España. pero resulta que por variedad y precios convienen los otros dos. Primero AMZ USA y Luego AMZ UK, en ese orden. Hay quienes dicen que comprando en España la mercadería llega mas rápido. Eso realmente no lo podemos corroborar, después de consultar con varios usuarios.

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