Few Places That Hate Tourists – Tourismphobia

Tourists Go Home !!

This is a job where information is collected about the problem of tourism impact in some places. In some cities rational precautions are taken: But in others (very few) an alarming syndrome develops. The turismo-phobia.  The turism-phobia. Here is the information that could gather, more personal experiences having personally visited four of those places.

Barcelona Hate Tourist

Barcelona – Spain

Ada Colau shortly after taking office as mayor in 2015: “We do not want the city to become a cheap souvenir shop”. He put Venice as an example. The freezing of licenses for all the new hotels and apartments for holiday rentals, the fines for AirBnb, the projects for new tourist taxes and the studies to limit the number of visitors are the reasons that this blog uses to include in this list. 

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Hôtel Camondo – Paris

  What is the History of the Hotel Camondo in Paris? The Hôtel de Camondo is a private mansion located at 61 rue de Monceau, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France. In this building is the headquarters of the Paris office of the Morgan Stanley Bank. In 1869, Count Abraham-Béhor de Camondo (1829-1889) and his brother Nissim (1830-1889) decided to settle with his family on the outskirts of Parc Monceau. When In June 1870, they acquired two adjoining lots …

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History of the Souvenirs – Gifts

History of  the Souvenirs When traveling, there is always someone who returns home with a souvenir. It can be a miniature, reproductions of sculptures, keychains, postcards or almost anything with the name of the visited site. But:   Who invented the modern souvenir? Giovanni Volpato (1732-1803), an Italian engraver and potter from 18th century Rome, is considered the modern inventor of souvenirs. Giovanni Volpato was a brilliant self-made man, full of initiatives and with great artistic and entrepreneurial gifts. Born …

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