Amazon Lockers for Travelers

What are the Amazon Lockers?

In a palce or shop where it is located in a geographical point of a city. There is a sect with Lockers where one can go to withdraw, through a code, a purchase made through the Amazon page. Each sector of lockers has a name of its own, for example New York City

Amazon find a locker near you
Amazon find a locker near you

It is convenient to buy a few days before traveling and move to withdraw the moment we arrive in that city. Purchases once they arrive at the lockers are maintained for 3 business days. But if the buyer does not remove it on the third business day, the product is returned to its origin.

Amazon lockers
Amazon lockers

Samsonite Luggage

How does it work?

Once the purchase has been made and the option of a certain location of Amazon Lockers has been selected, an e-mail notification is received with a unique code that includes the address and times of the selected locker.
When the package is removed, you also enter the received code or scan the barcode using the scanner and following the instructions on the screen.

 Amazon Lockers 2020

All packages distributed to Amazon Lockers locations must be removed within 3 business days, otherwise the package will return to its origin and a return of the purchase will be made.

 Amazon Lockers 2020
Amazon Lockers 2020

The purchase must be purchased by and must not exceed the following dimensions: 16.5 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches (42 x 35 x 32cm) and should not weigh more than 10 lbs (or 4.5kg). It serves for small things,if you want to buy a suitcase for example, and send it to a locker, you can't. Anyway when simulating the purchase, without entering card data, it indicates if it applies to Amazon Lockers or not.


What things come in?

What small things can get into those lockers? You have to consider the measures of the box, but here some examples

 Amazon Lockers 2020

Samsonite Electronic ScaleLuggage Samsonite Scale

Samsonite Compression BagsLuggage Samsonite Compression Bags

Samsonite Worldwide adapterLuggage Samsonite Worldwide adapter

Samsonite Toiletry PouchLuggage Samsonite Toiletry Pouch

Samsonite Pillow Luggage Samsonite Pillow

Samsonite UmbrellaLuggage Samsonite Umbrella

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Erotic Pompeii: The City was really so obscene?

Erotic Pompeii: The City was really so obscene? : A little of History.

Erotic Pompeii: Traveling to a Different Pompeii, we will answer that question.  Pompeii is located in the south of Italy. barely two hours away by train from Rome. The story is quite familiar. The city is located on the slopes of Vesuvius, a volcano that on August 24, 79 AD, broke and buried the city in a sea of ​​ash. More than 20,000 people died in that event.
It remained in oblivion until the eighteenth century, when under the domination the location of this city was rediscovered (the name was not even known) and excavations began.


Centennial House - Fresco of the two lovers-Erotic Pompeii
Centennial House - Fresco of the Two Lovers - Erotic Pompeii

Complete Pompeii (Complete Series) on amazon

Pompeii: An Archaeological Guide ( Amazon)

The Excavations Show

Thermal baths, luxury residences, free diving houses, gymnasiums, artisan workshops and brothels were gradually appearing. In those places there were architectural remains such as mosaics, frescoes and sculptures. Some of them almost intact.
These findings speak of a sophisticated, well-off and evolved life. We must bear in mind that part of the aristocracy of the Roman era, had its villas in Pompeii and made tourism in that city and on the nearby island of Capri.

House of the Fauno -satyr and nymph-Pompeii
House of the Fauno -satyr and nymph-Pompeii

Also appeared part of the erotic life of pompeii. frescoes, murals, sculptures, lamps, amulets and even artifacts that we do not yet know their use and meaning.

House of the Epigrama - Satyr that hugs a Nymph. -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
House of the Epigrama - Satyr that hugs a Nymph.

Wide Freedom of Customs

Touring the streets and houses of Pompeii, the paintings and bas-reliefs with erotic motifs ranging from "Satyr and Maenad" (House of the Faun) or "Pan and the Hermaphrodite" (House of the Dioscuri), Some are sexually explicit as the " Priapus with his phallus "(House of the Vetii).

Phallus Lantern - Archaeological Museum of Naples -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Phallus Lantern - Archaeological Museum of Naples

The paintings are not limited to private places, such as the lupanar (brothel) or public baths, but can also be seen inside private homes, gardens and public use spaces shared by all. You have in the streets with phalluses signaling the sense of traffic.

Aphrodite Anadyomene - Vettii House Pompeii
Aphrodite Anadyomene - Vettii House Pompeii


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Pompeii - Disaster Street -  ( Amazon)

Erotic Pompeii - Phalluses on The Streets

One of the possible explanations was these images had ritual or religious value, and linked the phallic figures with the force generating or creating nature. They were also used to give good luck to a commercial establishment. 

Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity-Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity - Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii

Under Protection of the Gods

Erotic artifacts were found from the seventeenth century, and accumulated outside the view of the public in the Borbonic Museum (now Archaeological Museum of Naples), where I created a special room to store them.

Phalluses on the Walls of Pompeii Houses. for Prosperity -Pompeii

Gabinetto Segreto - Obscene Objects Cabinet

In 1817 a first selection of artifacts was made to exhibit in the museum. In 1819, King Francis I of the Two Sicilies visited the Pompeii exhibition and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples with his wife and daughter. There he was scandalized with erotic art in such a way that he ordered it to be removed from the public view and confined to a secret room. Then the objects classified as obscene and indecent, were confined to the special room without any kind of order and the door was sealed at that time. Only in 1860 the room was opened and the artifacts were inventoried.

Tintinnabulum - Lucky Bells - Archaeological Museum of NaplesTraveling to a Different Pompeii
Tintinnabulum - lucky bells - Archaeological Museum of Naples


The secret room (Gabinetto Segreto in Italian) was opened with a special order obtained only by mature gentlemen of good manners. Also after having paid a large amount of money. In the same ruins of Pompeii, screens were placed on frescoes and obscene paintings and only with special invitation and payment were they shown to select tourists.

Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii (2)-Pompeii was really so obscene?-
Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii

Eros Happened

Over the years the room remained closed until Giuseppe Garibaldi ordered it to be opened again. That happened in 1860 during the Italian unification and when Garibaldi conquered Naples in that year

Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii (3) -Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Lupanar - Brothel - Pompeii Eros


In 1866 a catalog of artifacts was published, but from that moment the official censorship of the Kingdom of Italy was restricting access until it was closed, in accordance with the customs and political winds of the moment.

Centennial House - Ménade and Satyr-Traveling to a Different Pompeii
Centennial House - Ménade and Satyr

At the time of the Mussolini Dictator visits were forbidden for not agreeing the vision of the new Italy (pure) with obscene artifacts of the ancient Romans. In the Fascist era, it could be visited with express authorization from the Ministry of Education.

Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii


The censorship - Erotic Pompeii

The censorship was maintained after the end of the war until 1967, where the work of cataloging and restoring the artefacts of the obscene room was resumed.

House of the caccia antiqua. Tablinum. Fresco by Polyphemus and Galatea - Pompeii
House of the caccia Antiqua. Tablinum. Fresco by Polyphemus and Galatea - Erotic Pompeii

The room was definitely reopened to the public since April 2000. While there is no censorship of any kind, there is a legend that warns about the special content of the room. In addition, children under 14 can only enter if accompanied by their parents or teachers

House of Cecilio Giocondo Pompeii-Pompeii was really so obscene? Traveling to a Different Pompeii
House of Cecilio Giocondo - Pompeii Eros

Stromboli Volcano ( New 2019)

Stromboli Volcano, southern Italy, erupting on July 3, 2019Stromboli Volcano, southern Italy, erupting on July 3, 2019

Tips to visit pompeii

  • Arrive early in the morning. Complete travel takes the whole day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Yes possible trekking shoes.
  • Most of the streets are made of stone blocks. Be guided when walking.
  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Head protection Hats, caps.
  • Carry the right equipment. Here more information
  • Take a guide, Arming a tour before going to avoid losing time.If you do not go on a guided tour, check the schedule of the last train to Naples or Sorrento.

How to get to Pompeii

From Rome.

Train to the central station of Naples. Then in the same central station, in the subsoil is the local Trans-Vesuvian train. Ask about the Pompeii- Scavi station. The departure of trains in this station is somewhat chaotic with schedules and cancellations, ask until you make sure. This station has several branches and only one reaches the ruins of Pompeii, You can also take a bus, although we do not recommend it.

From Sorrento

Transvesuvian train in the direction of the central station of Naples. Ask about the Pompeii- Scavi station.

More info: 


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